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Starr Elementary sent two teams to compete in the Jet Toy Regional Competition on Friday, March 3 at Spearman Elementary. These fifth graders competed against other district winners in our region in four areas - distance, weight, accuracy, and time. Students had to design, build, and test a balloon-powered vehicle to meet certain criteria for the competition. Both of our teams made us proud! We had one of our teams score in second place, only one hundredth of a point behind the first place team, and earned the right to compete in the International Competition held in Detroit, Michigan. These team members were Eli Bishop, Garrett Bowen, Luke Elrod, and Laylah Richey. Our second team scored in fourth place in the competition and received praise for their overall team spirit and sportsmanship by one of the judges. These team members were Jessy Holbrooks, Jonah Holtzclaw, Maddy Jones, and Weston Mize. All of these students represented our district and school well!